5 Things To Consider When Traveling To Europe

EHICEurope is proving to be a great travel destination for people all over the world. There are lots of things to do while in Europe such as visiting ancient museums, historical sites, taking cool ferry rides as you explore the vast city, dining out at fine restaurants, participating in the various cultural activities and so much more. Thanks to the European Union, citizens of member states of this pact can freely move around the countries covered by the union and still enjoy the same benefits. So if you are planning on visiting Europe here are 5 things to consider;

  1. There are various modes of transport; depending on budget and preference, you are the one who will determine what modes of transport you intend to use. Bus travels are a cool way of exploring the city. But you need to obtain a Euro Pass which is valid for about a week and enables you to visit various destinations within Europe. Trains are a bit more expensive than buses. Ferry boats offer discounted prices to those who have access to the pass described above.
  2. Take good care of your health; don’t be so caught up in sampling out each of the restaurants cuisines and forget to keep your health in check. As a visitor you may be allergic to some of the types of foods and drinks offered so ensure you order what you are familiar with. It is also good to protect your skin from heat damage during hot summer seasons. Thus, your stay here will not turn out to be a complete disaster.
  3. Carry your health insurance card; if you are an EU citizen, you need to carry along your European Health Insurance card wherever you go as well as your travel insurance. This will give you complete peace of mind in any case of medical emergencies.
  4. Come prepared; it would be a shame to visit this great continent and still lack any evidence of your stay here. So ensure you have fully loaded your camera films and carry enough cash with you as you obviously will want to purchase souvenirs for your friends’ and family back home.
  5. Travel light; a backpack is usually much better to carry around especially if you intend on using public transportation. You do not want to cause havoc to yourself and other travelers by dragging along a huge suitcase with you.

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The most expensive diamond rings ever!

If you really want to impress your desired women, you should check out the video below for some of the most expensive rings in the world.

These rings are so prestigious, they should come with a bodyguard! Maybe not the best gift to your women after all, if we account for the security risks!

Awesome Late Night Snacks To Keep The Party Going

Can you imagine this; guests attend your wedding, it is a colorful and thrilling day for all, most have left, but some few decide to remain back and socialize late into the night. By 9 pm, they’ve consumed the little refreshments and snacks you had availed; and still the party is going on. By the time it’s 11 pm, the guests are visibly hungry, and there are no snacks or cocktails in sight! This would be an embarrassment, not to mention the negative impacts it would leave on the minds of your guests!

You should avoid this kind of a sorry scenario by trying to take note of the below late night snacks to always avail in plenty;

  • Cocktails; it is recommendable to have cocktail stations around the lounge or venue of the night party. Your wedding caterer should always be on standby to refill the glasses of your guests, rather than having to rise up and go serve themselves. CANAPES Catering
  • Popcorns; good old popcorns are also great late night snacks. Once people have consumed most of the other snacks and refreshments, popcorns come in handy as they are a good way to kill time and munch over story telling.
  • Hamburgers; hamburgers, grilled cheese, meat pies/ meat balls, all these are ideal for guests who wish to have comfort foods. Again, the secret behind these lies in variety, and ensuring that there’s a microwave around so that these can be warmed if need be.
  • See for dinner party catering London
  • Coffee; when party goers have gone in “energy saving” mode in the late hours of the night, coffee always awakes and keeps them alert. You can have your caterer set up a coffee bar in one corner of the reception.


The best thing would be for you to make prior arrangements and brainstorm with the wedding caterer, on the most awesome late night snacks to keep the party going.

Bollywood dance classes in London by Sapnay

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Prices Of A Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is the ultimate symbol and sign of the union that both the groom and bride so much look forward to. In fact in many weddings, those present look forward with a lot of eagerness to the moment when the bride and groom slide the ring into each other’s finger; it is always a sweet and emotional moment to watch the parties exchange their wedding vows, then proceed to put a ring on the other’s finger. The price of a wedding ring varies, and is determined by various factors.

Wedding ringsOften, the material used to make the wedding ring is the greatest determinant of its price. For instance, wedding rings made of gold are some of the most expensive, followed by diamond ones. Other ordinary wedding rings are cheaper, and readily available. To get a better idea, here are some interesting facts about some of the most expensive wedding rings

  • Did you know that in some royal and celebrity weddings, the wedding rings are later inherited by their offspring? For example, the wedding ring worn by the late Princess Diana was said to be worth $ 137,200. That ring is still worn today by the Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. It’s an 18 carat diamond ring.
  • Marc Anthony is said to have given Jennifer Lopez a wedding ring worth $ 4m. Sadly, they later divorced.
  • Paris Hilton was given a ring so heavy, that she complained it hurt her. Never mind that the ring cost a whopping $ 4.7 M, and was a 24 Carat, pure white gold one. She would later auction this precious ring to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.


In a nutshell, the prices of wedding rings vary, and are determined by the materials used to make it. Depending on your budget, you can rest assured that you will a get one that suits you perfectly.

Tips To Help You Get The Best Model From Dolls And Roses For An Evening Party

London-EveningLondoners love to party and make merry. The night life is particularly lively, be it in the numerous night clubs or at a home party. But what good is an evening party if you have no company beside you? You’d be left admiring other men’s girlfriends, and you’d feel incomplete as the evening unfolds. However, the good news is that London is home to some of the classiest, most reliable escort agencies you’ll ever find anywhere. One such agency is Dolls and Roses; it has some of the prettiest and most amazing girls in London. With one such lady by your side, there’s no evening party you wouldn’t rock and leave everyone stealing envious glances towards you.


How t pick the right model;

So you’ve confirmed that you’ll be attending that evening party, let’s assume it’s at a certain club or restaurant. How do you contact or convince the Dolls and Roses escort to accompany you?

  • Dolls and Roses got all the elite model escorts clearly splashed on their site, and here you have the golden chance of selecting one of the many babes available. Slender ones with golden hair, long legs, and piercing eyes, or short, shapely ones, with sensuous lips that speak volumes of her feminine prowess; you’ll get at Dolls and Roses.
  • Having identified the one girl that you’re attracted to, go ahead and contact her. You don’t have to be shy, she is on the other end open minded, waiting for you propose a romantic encounter or adventure. As such, inform her of your evening party, excite her mind by telling her how wonderful it’s gonna be, how you want someone to rock your world.
  • One the d day, you’ll be awed and swept off your feet when she shows up right on time, dressed for a perfect London evening, and staring at you with a readiness that instantly awakens your imaginations right there and then.


A Dolls and Roses is what you need when attending any London evening party; she is the perfect way to crown your evening!

How Waste Removal Will Keep Your House Clean

House clearance Hosue-ClearanceIt is the dream of every one of us to live and raise their children in a clean home. A clean house is not only a healthy place to be in; it is a happy place to be in. As such, we should never spare any effort in our endeavor to clear the waste and rubbish that we generate in our homes. Nowadays with the proliferation of waste clearance companies, you have no excuse not to hire their services. Hiring the services of waste removal companies has the below benefits to your house;

  • Waste removal services will ensure that your house is hygienic, and free of diseases and infection caused by a dirty environment. Typhoid, cholera, all these are caused by a dirty environment. Even malaria is caused by mosquitoes that breed in stagnant water left in old car batteries and car tires within your home.
  • Waste removal services offered by reputable house waste removal companies ensure that all waste is collected on time, before accumulating into huge heaps.
  • Timely waste removal eradicates the stench and awful smell that is generated by garbage and other waste generated in homes.
  • Rodents thrive in garbage that has been left to accumulate; waste removal companies ensure that your house and immediate compound is free of such.
  • When your friends visit, the first impression they get of your house lasts with them for long. Thus, only the services of a reliable waste removal company can grant your home the necessary cleanliness, so that even when your visitors come you’ve got nothing t be ashamed about.
  • Most house waste removal companies go ahead and clear any junk lying inside your house, garden, and compound. This junk may injure your children is left around, and includes old nails, broken furniture, and so on so forth.


Hiring the services of a waste removal company is the best way to guarantee the cleanliness and tidiness of your house at all times. Check https://www.vonviljunk.co.uk for more details.

How a Wedding Magician can entertain your Guests and leave them asking for more

Wedding-MagicianA wedding, being that special day for you that happens only once in your lifetime, then you need to plan in advance and ensure everything is in order before that D day. Among the things to be put in place include food, transport and entertainment among others.

Wedding Entertainment is anything that will make you and your guests feel relaxed, happy and in good spirits  all along the wedding; therefore it should be considered carefully. A magic show can serve you well and really appeal to the different ages and different types of guests.

First you need to consider a few factors before engaging a magician for that special day.

Some of the things to be considered include;

  • Different ages of the guests like children and adults
  • The type of magic, where you can choose between visual magic tricks like ropes and cards or mind reading
  • The cost to be incurred
  • The type of performance whether live for all audience or table hoping/close up performance where different groups can be entertained at a time

Once the above things have been considered, then you need to choose the best time for the actual performance which will be determined by your program and setting.


You can choose to have the performance in the following three sessions;

  • Photo session, since you will be occupied with the photos then you need to ensure your guests are well entertained since they might not really be involved with photos. A close up magician is the best for this scenario.
  • During the wedding breakfast or lunch, a magic performance from table to table will serve you well too. Guests can be entertained in small groups in their tables.


If you have an evening reception party, then a magic performance can work pretty well but in this case, make sure that there is no loud music so as to enable your guest to enjoy the evening more.