April 17, 2024

Different Types Of Braces That You Never Know Exist

When most people hear of braces, what comes to mind are the inconspicuous metal and wire braces that are visible from yards away. And well, this is understandable.

We all grew up seeing kids in school with metal braces to help remedy their dental conditions. Orthodontics treatment as a field is still a relatively new concept to many; thus most people know very little about the different types of braces available.

This is very important before your wedding day.. So read t well and know how different types of braces can help you.

Some dismiss it as only fit for movie stars and celebrities; others assume braces are way too expensive, and so on so forth. But nothing could be further from the truth. There are different types of braces today, some very affordable and readily available. Mind you, no one chooses to be born with overcrowded or protruding teeth; braces are thus a necessity for anyone looking to correct such deformities and basically enhance their smiles.

  1. Metal braces; metal braces are some of the most popular, most readily available types of braces. They are also referred to as traditional braces; this is because they were the pioneer braces from the start. However, things have changed; today’s metal braces are much advanced, and more effective as a treatment option. The best metal braces are made of high quality stainless steel or titanium, and then fastened with some elastics. These elastics are available in various colors, meaning that you have a wide variety to pick from. Metal braces are affordable, very effective in the long term. Their only major disadvantage is that they are not discreet; everyone can tell that you have them on.
  2. Ceramic braces; contrary to popular myth and belief, these braces aren’t really made of ceramic materials. Rather, they are made of a special, clear kind of plastic. They’re thus, also referred to as clear braces; orthodontists design them to look and appear just like an ordinary tooth. For that reason, even the elastics used are white and clear, so as to blend in with the braces. The popularity of ceramic braces stems from the fact that they look exactly like the real ones, and greatly enhance your aesthetic appearance. However, ceramic braces can be quite tricky when it comes to cleaning and maintenance; they get stained easily. Also, your orthodontist is likely to restrict some foods like candy and very hot fluids, if you are using ceramic braces. They are slightly costly; movie hunk Tom Cruise is one of the numerous celebrities who have admitted to using ceramic braces in recent years.
  3. Lingual braces; lingual braces work on the same formula or principle as metal braces. They exert some gentle but consistent pressure on your teeth, thus helping them grow in the desired direction or manner. However, unlike metal braces, lingual braes are usually inserted in the back side of your teeth. In other words, they are totally impossible to see since they are smartly fastened to leave as little signs of their presence as possible. They are very effective in helping achieve the desired results, and are also very discreet; however, they cost more than even the so called clear braces.
  4. Invisalign; invisalign braces is unique in that no braces are really involved. The orthodontist will design some clear trays that measure and look exactly like your tooth. They are then fastened with some tiny bumps that help them fit in accordance with the desired results. With invisalign, there are little food restrictions, not to forget that they’re nearly impossible to notice. You can remove them when having meals, brushing, and returning them afterwards. This means that you have to be self disciplined; this makes them not so ideal for young children who may forget or fail to use them as guided.

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