Different Types Of Magic Shows

Different Types of Magic Shows

Magic, magicians and magic shows have today become some very important aspects of the entertainment industry of the world. They are shown to people in the form of live performances, in TV shows, on virtual platforms and in a number of different ways. But no matter what the medium of the performance may be, a magician and their magic show will always leave its audience enthralled and excited.

Different magicians specialise in different types of stage magic tricks and techniques. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that each magic show will be as unique as the person that hosts it as well as the person that will perform in it, and it also creates an impression in people’s minds.

Some of the most popular types of magic shows are as follows –

  • Close-up magic shows – A close-up magic show does not involve the use of or require any large areas or intricate devices and equipment. The magicians performing in such magic shows involve the use of small and handy objects to perform their magic shows. These objects can be anything – from cards to coins, from pens to bottles, napkins, wine glasses, stones, mobile phones etc.

Card Tricks Magic Show

  • Card tricks magic show – As obvious from the name, a card tricks magic show is generally and mainly focused on cards or decks of cards to perform their magic tricks. The magician that would perform in such a show has the expertise of dealing, handling and deceiving their audience using cards. They are capable of making the cards disappear, change or anything else as required from the trick. It usually requires people’s participation.
  • Prediction magic shows – These magic shows are known for having hosts or magicians who are able to predict the thoughts, actions and choices of their volunteers or audience. The magicians who perform in these shows are generally presented as being mysterious and somewhat scary.

Illusionistic Magic Show

  • Illusionistic magic shows – This type of magic show is not only extremely popular but also considered to be the ‘traditional’ type of magic show. Illusionistic magic shows are generally performed in a theatrical setting with a rather large audience. The equipment required for this type of magic show are diverse and range from bright lights, speakers for music, furniture, and most importantly, smoke.

These magic shows can involve a number of different and unique magic tricks, including but not limited to, escapism, levitation, card tricks, prediction, mentalism, suspension, cutting body parts or other body harming tricks, and many more.

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