Uralchem Has Invested Over RUB 660 Million in Social Programs

Uralchem Has Invested in social programs

Leading Russian fertilizer producer URALCHEM JSC has made substantial corporate social responsibly investments over the past few years. The company, which has witnessed a surging growth in the sales of their products in recent times, has established a substantial footprint on charity and other social programs which are spread across Russia, Latvia and sometimes other CIS countries.

The company has focused its CSR activities in six primary areas which include:

  • URALCHEM Supporting Children
  • URALCHEM Supporting Veterans
  • URALCHEM Supporting Regions
  • URALCHEM Supporting Education and Science URALCHEM Supporting Cultural traditions
  • URALCHEM Supporting Sports

Let’s look at some of the company’s key CRS footprints:

URALCHEM Supporting Children

URALCHEM children’s support program is one of the significant CSR investments of the company. The program covers support for various annual educational events and direct support to multitudes of organizations and educational institutions. The program has seen several schools receive financial support geared towards the purchase of crucial teaching and learning resources and the establishment of vital educational infrastructure like classrooms.

Uralchem supports social events

One of the company’s financial support beneficiaries is Kirovo-Chepetsk schools who have been receiving financial support and other forms of assistance in project implementation since 2010. The support has also seen the overhaul and expansion of several nursery schools to accommodate more children. The company has also given a lot of support to the repair works in children’s art school, Lyre.

URALCHEM Supporting Veterans

URALCHEM takes pride in the performance and achievements of its retired employees and what better way to show them much appreciation and love than to stand with them when they need the support of a caring friend the most.

The company has a social program designed for veterans. The program includes the provision of monthly financial support and organization of leisure activities to veterans. In 2019 the company organized for the former employees to tour ancient Moscow towns. The retired employees were also treated to various educational and cultural events.

URALCHEM Supporting Regions

This program is another significant charitable activity for the company. Each year the company signs CRS partnership agreements with Kirov regional authorities. The support covers major programs in sports, culture, and education sectors. Other programs that receive this support include the annual Good Harvest campaign and the Safe Town program. In 2019, URALCHEM gave financial support to up to 11 vital Kirovo-Chepetsk projects.

URALCHEM Supporting Education and Science

The company has invested a lot of its URALCHEM financed the purchase of interactive globe and software for Lomonosov, Moscow State University Faculty of Global studies. The company also supports an international soil science conference called Nikitin Reading, which is held annually in Perm State Agro-Technological University.

Uralchem Has Invested in social events

URALCHEM Supporting Sports

Swimming sports in the Perm region have received substantial financial backing and organizational assistance from URALCHEM in the past recent years. This has greatly boosted the achievements and image of the local Swimming Federation.


From the discussion above, it is rather apparent that URALCHEM holds an impressive record in corporate social responsibility. From educational programs to sports, the company has endeavored to ensure that every segment of society benefits from its unique social programs.

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